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Goal Quote


​is worth having, it’s worth blocking ​“Crystallize your goals. Make a plan ​goal is that ​“Discipline is the ​, ​

​“If a goal ​Unknown​not having a ​

​Henry David Thoreau​Information from websites: ​Andrew Carnegie​goal.”​“The trouble with ​goals.”​Bill Copeland​hopes.”​doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the ​

Reach Your Goal Quotes

​Bruce Lee​by achieving your ​never score.”​and inspires your ​“If the plan ​to aim at.”​what you become ​the field and ​

​thoughts, liberates your energy ​Stephen Kellogg​

​simply as something ​as important as ​up and down ​that commands your ​

​you don’t.”​

​to be reached, it often serves ​goals is not ​your life running ​to be happy, set a goal ​of the one ​not always meant ​by achieving your ​

​you can spend ​

​“If you want ​at the top ​“A goal is ​“What you get ​goal is that ​Japanese Proverb​to climb than ​Jim Rohn​Earl Nightingale​

​not having a ​

​is nightmare.”​ladder you want ​it.”​know where they’re going.”​

​“The trouble with ​

​is daydream. Action without vision ​

​bottom of the ​

​way to get ​succeed because they ​Zig Ziglar​

​“Vision without action ​

​be at the ​it bad enough, you’ll find a ​“People with goals ​Les Brown​Venus Williams​“It’s better to ​

​what you want, and you want ​

​Robert H. Schuller​achieving them.”​ignore the rest.”​Kathy Seligman​“When you know ​fail?”​

​be focused on ​

​I try to ​don’t try.”​Maxwell Maltz​

​you could not ​

​in order to ​my goals and ​goals if you ​goals to achieve.”​if you knew ​twice every day ​

​what I’m up against. I focus on ​

​in the water. You can’t reach your ​to conquer and ​attempt to do ​

​“Review your goals ​

Goal Quote

​“I don’t focus on ​put your line ​life without obstacles ​“What would you ​Horace Kallen​

​Billie Jean King​

​fish unless you ​or happiness in ​Unknown​the goal.”​it right.”​to the plate. You can’t catch a ​no real satisfaction ​them.”​“The going is ​

​until they get ​

​you step up ​to conquer environment, solve problems, achieve goals, and we find ​to get over ​Wayne Gretsky​

​“Champions keep playing ​

​home run unless ​ “We are built ​

​“hurdles” if there wasn’t a way ​

​shots you don’t take.”​Paul J. Meyer​“You can’t hit a ​Zig Ziglar​

​“Life’s problems wouldn’t be called ​

​percent of the ​plan.”​Bill Copeland​reached.”​Jill Koenig​“You miss 100 ​other people’s criticisms, carry out your ​never score.”​set is halfway ​

​to achieve it.”​

​Jill Koenig​for obstacles and ​the field and ​“A goal properly ​in your day-to-day life necessary ​

​to achieve it.”​

​a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard ​up and down ​Jim Rohn​out the time ​in your day-to-day life necessary ​

​and set yourself ​

​your life running ​and accomplishment.”​is worth having, it’s worth blocking ​out the time ​for achieving them ​you can spend ​

​bridge between goals ​

​“If a goal ​the air, your work need ​best of how ​turn.”​Michelangelo​

​high and miss ​

​Lori Greiner​Stephen Covey​wish you had ​with a life ​

​on creating the ​

​have tried to ​a star.”​to always reach ​Babe Ruth​reach your goals.”​

​“You measure the ​

​fears the pain ​clock; do what it ​overnight.”​


​whatever tools you ​goals.”​life – you don’t get up ​are strong enough, you will appear ​goal and a ​enough to take ​and to keep ​

​Here is a ​

​part. It’s exciting and ​Henry David Thoreau​built castles in ​

​who make the ​

​the tide will ​it.”​aim is too ​

​hard enough.”​

Goal Quote

​end in mind.”​now you may ​of time dealing ​time to work ​worse never to ​moon. If you miss, you may hit ​adjust my sails ​

​gives up.”​

​to overcome to ​Orrin Woodward​when a person ​“Don’t watch the ​change your direction ​

​as you go ​

​stand, and work with ​– you don’t have enough ​“If you’re bored with ​“When your desires ​be itself a ​

​“It is not ​

Setting & Achieving Goals

​reach your goals ​to achieve it.​definitely the easy ​foundations under them.”​“If you have ​best for those ​and time that ​and we reach ​

​us isn’t that our ​

​if you try ​“Begin with the ​“A year from ​spend a lot ​“If you don’t make the ​to fail, but it is ​“Aim for the ​wind, but I can ​person who never ​

​obstacles you have ​

​of the process.”​“Success is assured ​Thomas Edison​your destination overnight, but you can ​will be found ​never be ‘just right.’ Start where you ​to do things ​Napoleon Hill​


​a goal; each step must ​little tough.​to help you ​

​and make plans ​

​and dreams is ​they should be. Now put the ​John Wooden​“Things work out ​just the place ​is too low ​for most of ​

​find a solution ​

​Karen Lamb​Kevin Ngo​want, you’re going to ​

​Theodore Roosevelt​

​ “It is hard ​Jimmy Dean​direction of the ​“You just can’t beat the ​accomplishment by the ​

​than the pain ​

​Sam Levenson​“Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”​“You cannot change ​

​your command, and better tools ​

​“Do not wait; the time will ​a burning desire ​powers to achieve.”​Johann Wolfgang von ​someday lead to ​going gets a ​

​of 46 quotes ​

​You set deadlines ​Setting big goals ​not be lost; that is where ​things work out.”​Harriet Beecher Stow​

​“Never give up, for that is ​

​it, but that it ​“The greater danger ​“You can always ​

​started today.”​

​you don’t want.”​life that you ​


​Clement Stone​my destination.”​“I can’t change the ​Booker T. Washington​size of the ​

​of regret more ​

​does. Keep going.”​

​Jim Rohn​George Herbert​may have at ​Lou Holtz​every morning with ​to possess superhuman ​step likewise.”​steps which may ​

​on-hand when the ​

​carefully compiled list ​
​adventurous and invigorating.​